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Winam-TPP-Indoor Soft Trampoline Park


Most indoor trampoline parks are built in the shopping mall,amusement theme park,a empty place where people can build a huge indoor playground with trampoline park.

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How to Build an Indoor Trampoline Park

The Introduction of the Project

Here to introduce our new design super Indoor Soft Trampoline Park, which the main color is green, to create a new and unique super trampoline to kids. There are trampoline, indoor playground , ninja course , sponge pool, slides,and ball pool.

With no prior experience, people have no idea where to build a indoor trampoline

The Factors of Cost: The Size and The Design

When people want to build a trampoline park , it means starting a new business.

Most of my client asked me what the most important factors to build a indoor playground? The size, design and the budget.

The larger size of trampoline, the higher cost

If you choose a big place to build indoor trampoline park, you shall choose more activities to make inside. If your park is small or tiny , lower cost.

The more complicated design of trampoline park, the more attractive and the higher cost.

The indoor trampoline park is not just for jump, also more game items make inside, such as such as ninja course, basketball slam, foam pool, inclined walls, free jump for kids and jump for adult.

If you are interested in the trampoline park investment, you can contact us any time.

WINAM indoor playground will offer a better, satisfying project to you. WINAM has been specialized in the research and development, design, production, sales , service and installation of indoor playground, trampoline park for 17 years with many oversea market.