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Winam-IP-Themes Of Kids Indoor Playground


If you don’t know how to design your indoor playground, you can refer to the following common themes of kids’ indoor playground.

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With the development of the market, children’s naughty castles no longer exist in a single form, but various thematic types have been derived therefrom. A large part of them combines children’s education, parent-child interaction and other projects. Let the naughty castle be changed from single play to diversity. So what are the four most common types in our daily lives?

(1) Education and fun type

The concept of edutainment is currently a new concept of children’s entertainment. The main purpose of this theme of kids’ indoor playground is to enable kids to learn and grow happily. This kind of project will often design some special games that allow children to increase their knowledge and gain happiness. Let the children involved in the game be able to develop in all directions. As an educational and entertainment center, a children’s playground of the entertaining and entertaining type should be good at embedding the methods of cultivating children’s divergent thinking through game guides. By combining children’s naughty castle equipment, children can achieve the purpose of entertaining and entertaining during play. This kind of children’s playground generally requires about 1,000 square meters of venue, which is suitable for venues with no special requirements for building height and space.

(2) Role-playing

Role-playing children’s playgrounds generally target children at different ages and have different characteristics. For this kind of children’s naughty castle park, each project developed must develop corresponding games according to the characteristics of children of different ages, and integrate modern educational concepts into it. Such as our common salesperson, postal commissioner and so on. Let children experience some rules of adult work in a specific urban environment, and gain knowledge and fun from them.


(3) Popular science entertainment

The popular science entertainment children’s naughty castle park is mainly for children around 6-10 years old after school. Therefore, the amusement equipment of this kind of park is mainly popular science equipment. Through interaction and participation, scientific principles are integrated into the game. This enhances children’s interest in science. The area of this type of project is between 1,000 and 2,000 square meters. They are generally concentrated in shopping malls in residential areas or downtown parks.

(4) Early education

During early childhood,  indoor playground castles are a new type of education currently appearing in the children’s market, which does not belong to the education type prescribed by the education bureau. It is an emerging business education model. Features: early childhood development, without large-scale teaching aids and facilities, the main profit point is unique early childhood education courses. The main feature of this course is also the combination of game development intelligence, which caters to the interests of parents to a large extent.