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Winam-IP-Soft Playground Equipment Design


The quality of the indoor park design will directly affect whether it can attract children to our park. The playground park with a clear design theme, unique independent innovation, and colorful children’s innocence will definitely attract people’s attention in the first time, How can we design an indoor park that children love?

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Playground equipment designs and accessories selection

1/Product design

The soft playground equipment design should be lively and interesting in terms of visual effects, close to nature, and have a vivid and expressive appearance. Secondly, it is best to use small animals and green plants in the natural environment.

For younger children, it can improve the cognitive ability of the object, and at the same time, it is also conducive to training the child’s observation ability. The third step is to combine various shapes in the shape to satisfy children’s imagination of the whole world.

Adding a large number of graphics, according to the shape of change and abstract graphics will attract children’s attention and satisfy children’s willingness to explore.

The shape of indoor children’s playground equipment must be interesting, attract children’s attention, and meet children’s psychological development characteristics

2/ The choice of color

For the colors,the first thing to do is to meet the age characteristics of children. Certain children’s playgrounds endowed with innocent colors are often more favored by children and arouse children’s psychological resonance.

Children’s nature of loving nature can be better reflected and grasped in the colors of the indoor children’s playground. Using the natural colors or the same color series of natural creatures can make it easier for children to recognize.

At the same time, adding appropriate contrasting colors can make the indoor children’s playground have a strong appeal and impact in color. In an environment like an indoor children’s playground, an indoor children’s playground with higher color brightness and warm colors will make children happy.

3/How to choose amusement equipment

  • Equipment characteristics

Shop for devices with attractive, interactive, and experiential features. When purchasing, judge whether it can attract customers, enhance interaction, and bring customers a good sense of experience.

  • Equipment safety

Safety is the bottom line and criterion for amusement equipment. Investment operators should choose equipment manufacturers with quality assurance when choosing equipment, and choose equipment that meets national safety standards. All our products are with tuv and ce certificates.