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Winam-IP-Soft Indoor Playground Equipment


Soft indoor playground is very popular amusement park in children amusement park. There are many all kids of types of soft indoor playground amusement equipment which is suitable for different ages. So how do parents choose the right soft indoor playground equipment for their children?

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How to choose the right soft indoor playground for children?

1-3 years old: For this period, the kids’ development of movement is not coordinated, so parents should choose soft indoor playground equipment that can promote the development of children’s movements, such as ocean balls, trolleys, and tricycles, EVA blocks.Perform full-body exercises during activities can develop their coordination of movement.

3-6 years old: This periods of that children obvious randomness and emotional characteristics in their hearts.Young children have poor self-control and lack of purpose.Therefore, soft indoor playground  for children between 3 and 6 years old must be bright colors, beautiful shape, and vivid in appearance in order to arouse children’s interest and attract children’s active participation.

Children from 6 to 9 years old already have a certain understanding of things. Therefore, for children of this age, parents can choose some soft indoor playground equipment that focus on developing children’s perception to improve their children’s perception. For example, colorful balls, various types of dolls, animal toys and electric toys for children to watch and sound. These toys allow children to fully perceive and repeatedly recognize the color, sound, shape, size, spatial contrast and material characteristics of objects, so that children can gradually master their sensory standards and their language expressions.

Children from 9 to 12 years old still retain a lot of intuitive action thinking. During this period, the child’s small muscle groups have not fully developed, and hand-eye coordination is poor. Therefore, the soft indoor playground equipment is chosen by the parents. Children should be able to combat in practice and allow the children the ability to open, close, place, pat, and disassemble freely, such as piling beds, beading, barrel sets, threading boards, and medium puzzles, mosaics, matching toys, etc.

The effects of various products in soft indoor playground are different, and the corresponding age stages are also different. Its biggest purpose is to realize the comprehensive development of children’s intelligence and body. Therefore, when playing, parents should try to bring their children to play selectively, so that the effect will be better.