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Winam-IP-Naughty Castle Children Indoor Playground


Naughty castle children indoor playground is very popular amusement park in children amusement park. There are many all kids of types of soft indoor playground amusement equipment which is suitable for different ages. So what are the precautions when kids’indoor playground?

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What are the precautions when playing in children’s indoor playground?

There are some tips or precautions for parents bring kids to the indoor playground. When parents bring their children to play in the indoor playground, they should teach some safety issues to their children that need to be paid attention to when kids playing in the indoor playground. There are also some details that are easily overlooked by parents. If you do not pay attention, it is easy to form hidden dangers. Parents also need to understand as well.


1.Before entering the naughty castle children indoor playground , you should take off your shoes and put them in the shoe cabinet, and put the belongs you carry in the locker to maintain the hygiene and safety in the indoor playground.

2.In the overall design of indoor playground products, there should be no sharp objects, hard objects and other things that can cause harm to children in the places where they can be seen and touched. If there are sharp objects in individual places, keep away from that and inform the operator.

3.Indoor playground are generally used by children aged 2-8 years and under 1.3 meters in height. Children under 6 years of age should be accompanied by guardians when entering. Parents should not bring their belongs into the indoor playground to avoid scratching their bodies during the game.

4.When the child enters the indoor playground to play, parents should do a good job of safety education for the kids and remind the children not to make trouble in the park.

5.The protective nets around the indoor playground only for protection, and prohibited climbing and pulling.

6.It is forbidden to damage the amusement facilities, and it is not allowed to open the back cover, seat cover, electricity power and circuit. Otherwise, the consequences will be at your own risk.