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Winam-IP-Kids Games Indoor Playground Equipment


It is one of our space theme kids indoor playground .

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The main size is about 2000 square meter,the height is 4 meter .we separated four part ,1)ball poll+slide +Frame area 2.)Big ball Pool Area 3)Trampoline area 4)kids car area.

1)ball poll+slide +Frame area

It is a traditional kids games indoor playground equipment ,it is suitable for 4-11 years old kids .The theme is space ,so you can see many space theme related image ,such as the space ship ,the rocket ,the UFO …in this area ,kids can not only play happy but also learn some knowledge about space .

1) Big Ball Pool area .

It is a separated big pool area ,it is main for 2-6 year old kids .They can play ,run jump ,and pitch balls to other other in this area .we also place some small ninja course in these area ,it can Enhance children’s balance.

2) Trampoline area

It is main for 4-11 years old kids ,please kindly notice ,for this area , it is not suitable for 2-4 years old considering the safety.For the 4-11 years old kids ,they can enjoy all kinds Difficult jump.

3) kids car area

It is main for 2-6 years old kids ,for 6-11 years old kids ,they also can enter this area ,but maybe the play item can not attract them well .in this area ,kids can play the car and learn some traffic knowledge.