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Winam-IP-Investment For Kids Playground And Trampoline


If you are planing to run children playground and you don’t want to invest big amount of money at your first trial. Then you need to know these steps how to make your playground design with saving-cost way.

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Investment for small trampoline and soft playground

You must have your own clear positioning before Investment for kids playground and trampoline. The target audience for your playground is infants, children, or teenagers. According to the crowd positioning,you can select some small and highly interactive amusement equipment. But when choosing a small-sized device, we must consider the physical and mental characteristics of the player. For example, young children prefer small toys and colorful interactive projection games. Teenagers prefer sports and challenging stimulating entertainment projects.

Furthermore, a variety of activities can be combined in a scientific and reasonable manner, allowing more players to play interactively. For example, the ocean ball pool is spatially combined with slide or naughty castle equipment. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of children, the children are lively and energetic, and like to get together and play lively. The combination of a variety of equipment improves the space capacity and utilization of colleagues in the park, and can better create a lively and happy atmosphere to stimulate children’s interest and communication skills.

Although some park sites are not large, they have the advantage of floor height. This height can just make up for the lack of size space. In such a small indoor children’s playground or trampoline park, the advantages of storey height can be fully considered in the early planning and design, and a two- or three-storey structure of amusement equipment function project can be designed. Such planning and design layout can maximize the utilization rate of venues in a limited space. In addition, this multi-layer structure playground will be more exciting and novel, giving children a different and novel experience, inspiring children’s exploration and adventure spirit

For the higher maze playground which is 4 storey height, we set high speed fiberglass slides and spiral slides there. Inside are gun fight, boxing bags, net climbing,zipliner,spider tower and other games which are more suitable for elder kids.

In addition, when designing and planning the layout of small parks, it is necessary to consider the space for upgrading amusement products in the later stage, for example,keeping scientific and reasonable pedestrian passages, effectively reducing the occurrence of safety accidents and keeping children safe Play in a comfortable environment.

Name Investment For Kids Playground and Trampoline
Size Customized
Use age 3-12 years
Material A. Plastic parts: LLDPE engineering plastics

B. Tube: Diameter 48mm and thickness: 1.8-2mm hot galvanized

C. Soft parts: Three-ply board wood inside, pearl wood middle, outside with 0.45mm pvc thickness coating

D. Mat 100*100*2cm the material is EVA mat

Certificate Approved by ASTM,CPSIA, CE, TUV-GS, AS4685, CCC, EN71, ISO14001 and ISO45001
Installation We supply engineer for install, or send CAD or 3D installation manual
Features Exercise children s drilling, climbing, jumping, running ability
Apply to Any indoor place, like preschool, shopping mall, resort, villa, kids club, hotel, restaurant, amusement park, etc…
Packing Standard Export packing: Cotton  PP film, Accept Customized Packing
Warranty One year