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The indoor naughty castle park is not only a fun place for entertainment, but also has significant educational effects. there are still many failures in operating indoor naughty castle equipment. Here we will try to analyze the mistakes that businesses may make in operating a naughty castle.

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Kids Playground Investors Often Make These Mistakes

1/The playground park location is not good enough

First analyze the first reason, no one knows his naughty castle. No matter how good everything is in the naughty castle, no one will come. Therefore, when choosing an address for operating a naughty castle, you need to consider the local flow of people and consumption capacity. Companies need to choose cities and regions with good consumption power, such as comprehensive shopping malls, rental malls, supermarket-type shopping malls, facades near high-end communities, large squares or parks, etc.

2/ Publicity is not in place

Full-industrialization has become one of the main trends in children’s business formats. The integration of different business formats and the superposition of retail or catering through entertainment formats will meet the needs of different stages as children grow up. If the brand can provide products or services across the entire industry chain, It will definitely improve customer and brand consistency. For example, distributing some consumer vouchers to nearby kindergartens and elementary schools for free can play a role in draining traffic; doing some related activities with some businesses with common consumers, buying children’s clothing can play in the children’s playground for free, etc. Resource sharing can be achieved. After all, the power of the collective is greater than the individual; you can jointly organize some cultural and sports activities with well-known local children’s training institutions. This method will allow children’s parents to subconsciously link the child training institutions and children’s playgrounds. Let parents feel that their children are at ease playing in the indoor naughty castle equipment. Win-win cooperation is the key to attracting traffic.

3/The homogeneity of the indoor naughty castle equipment is serious and cannot attract the flow of people

The market always likes the new and dislikes the old. The most effective way to fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient passenger flow is to introduce new equipment. For small and medium-sized operators, it is also unrealistic to update equipment on a large scale, but in fact, small changes and the addition of two video games, the claw machine may inject fresh blood into the park and bring unexpected effects. Also need to highlight other features, try to choose those bright colors in the selection of equipment, can attract the attention of children at once.

 4/Not too much loyal consumers

After customers come to the naughty castle, how to make them repeat their consumption? The quality of the naughty castle is the focus. Products are the most important factor in marketing. Equipment is the main body of children’s naughty castles. Without products, there is no market. Only high-quality products can gain a foothold in the market. Children’s indoor playgrounds must resolutely put an end to fake and shoddy goods, defective products, pay attention to first-in, first-out, and keep the park tidy, to win the trust of consumers with high quality.

5/ service is not good enough

Naughty castle is a semi-service industry, and a large part of the focus of doing a good job of naughty castle is also due to service. Service is very important to the operation of Children’s Naughty Castle Park. The direct contact with children of Naughty Castle Park staff will have a great influence on their behavior. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the training and cultivation of employees. When selecting staff, we must choose those with strong affinity.

6/good overall quality.

Although the consumer group of Children’s soft playground is children, the parents are the one to make decision. Therefore, how to grasp the hearts of parents may be the key to solving customer stickiness. In order to allow parents to take their children to the naughty castle with confidence, they can post a reminder after each cleaning and disinfection. Because parents are also very concerned about the sanitary condition of the playground, especially when influenza is high, it is even more necessary to set up separate toilets for parents and children entering the venue, which can better reflect the operators’ Care for the health of children.