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Winam-IP-Indoor Commercial Playground


After you build up a very attractive soft playground or trampoline park, you need some skills to do the market promotion, to let more people know your park and attract them to come and play.

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Promotion skills for indoor commercial playground

Here are some useful skills for reference.

1/ Promotion activities inside children’s playground

Large-scale events are held in the amusement park, and it is best for all people to participate in events with high influence. For example, if you cooperate with a TV station to make a program, the address is selected in the amusement park, or you can name a high-quality program.

2/Media advertising

You can cooperate with radio station, newspapers, magazines and other media. Do some soft articles, mainly soft articles and hard and wide. The form of soft text is mainly reflected in the feelings of finding some tourists to experience in our indoor commercial playground, which can be used in the tourism page. some other advertising methods are also good, such as the small ticket on the back of the supermarket, the folder page of the newspaper, etc.

3/Network promotion

There are also some well-known portal sites such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter and so on. At the same time, you must also promote your own website. You can record every activity on your own website. There is a more detailed information about the kids indoor playground on the website. It is also necessary to ensure that Google search can search our website more accurately.

4/Outdoor promotion

Promotion methods include stop signs, billboards, and scrolling screens. These are best in the more prosperous areas in the city center, while small events can be held in the city center square.

Let more people participate in our activities. Thereby expanding visibility. For example, in a street basketball game, it is easier to move our soft playground facilities to the city center to hold small competitions, and the winners can get our tickets.

5/Campus promotion

Some campus tours can be held, such as basketball games. Find some campus ticket agents, find some people to post some of our posters in the school’s bulletin board, and inform them of the latest event information and detailed addresses.

You can sponsor some campus activities. You can also give some benefits to teachers in universities, middle schools and primary schools, and let them bring classes to us for fun.

6/Ticket sales

Set group tickets for group tickets or cash tickets for group people, package tickets are mainly for couples and sales for the whole family.

Cash tickets are mainly used as gifts for some personnel. It can be used as cash to sell in the children indoor playground. You can buy it to some or union propaganda staff, you can give them a rebate, and there is a good way. Now there are some, mainly for corporate internal training, usually in group classes, you can try to cooperate with them.