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Winam-IP-Chimney Climbing Tower


In order to climb the Chimney Climbing Tower, you must sandwich yourself between the side walls and push your body up the wall. Pretend you’re Santa Claus as your work your way to the top!

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The Chimney Climbing Tower is a little different from the rest of our climbing walls. With this particular climbing wall, participants have to wedge themselves between the walls and shimmy your way up using the round half-ball pegs to help you climb to the top. This is the perfect climbing wall for Santa Training! HO HO HUFF your way to the top! This Climbing wall is great to have multiple climbing options on each wall and the chimney on the inside. Get The Chimney Climbing tower for your indoor playground or indoor wall climbing business. Also great for camps, malls, even traveling fairs plus much more!

Age Age 12+, Age 5-12
Capacity < 10
Solution Church & Faith Centers, Health Care Facilities, Hospitality & Amusement, Parks & Recreation, Pre-Schools & Daycares, Private & Public Schools, Retail & Restaurant
Square Foot Range 0-1,000 sq. ft.
Theme Non-Themed