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Winam-IP-Amusement Indoor Play Equipment


It is one of our fresh theme kids indoor playground . The project we finished the whole project in China in 2019 years .The total size is beyond 2000 square meter.

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Production introduction:

1.Main Design introduction

The main size is about 2000 square meter,the height is 4.5 meter .we design it for four four part ,1)ball poll+slide +Frame area  2.)rainbow net area  3)trampoline area   4)kids role play area

Main Play Item introduction:

1)ball poll+slide +Frame area

It is a traditional amusement indoor play equipment ,it is suitable for 4-11 years old kids .The theme is fresh ,so we use light color as the main color ,so the whole design can attract young mom’s eye,they like their children to play in a light and clean condition ,and like to share picture and video on their social media.

2)  Rainbow net area

It is suitable for 4-11 years old kids can climb and walk in this area.it can exercise kid’s courage and Brave.

Kids car area

It is main for 2-6 years old kids ,for 6-11 years old kids ,they also can enter this area ,but maybe the play item can not attract them well .in this area ,kids can play the car and learn some traffic knowledge.

Volcanic climbing

It is a volcanic climbing ,kids can climbing from the bottom to the top ,and we place some sponge on the bottom ,even kids drop down from the volcanic ,it is very safe for kids .it is a 90 degree design ,if you need we also can provide 180 degree ,360 degree.