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– Winam Play’s indoor playground incorporates many unique and different play elements specifically designed to maximize the fun and offer the greatest amount of diversity in the play experience.
– Using non-toxic high-quality materials and following a strict manufacturing process, Winam Play’s indoor playgrounds are designed, manufactured, and installed to be in compliance with the international safety standards.

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Indoor soft play structure or indoor children’s playgrounds refer to places built indoors for children’s entertainment. Indoor playgrounds are equipped with sponges to minimize damage to children. For this reason, indoor amusement parks are safer than outdoor ones.

The traditional indoor playground structure, also known as the naughty castle or the indoor jungle gym, is an essential part of every indoor amusement park. They have very small fields with simple infrastructure such as a slide or an ocean ball pool. While some indoor children’s playgrounds are more complex, with many different playgrounds and hundreds of amusement projects. Usually, such playgrounds are customized and have their own theme elements and cartoon characters.

The main difference between a naughty castle and the customized indoor playground is that the latter contains more play areas or functional areas, such as catering areas, so the customized indoor children’s park is a complete and fully functional indoor amusement center.